Week of the Loner explained


Week of the Loner people are special.They are loners but because they are also Pisces, they occasionally come out of their shell and socialize. On second thought, fish have no shell but they do swim in shawls. The word loner has bad connotations. You often see it in the same context as the reports on a succession of serial murders. You know, the perpetrator was a loner who had a secret collection of 300 pairs of Image   

 stiletto shoes with which he enjoyed killing his victims. This is stereotyping and this new blog Week of the Loner will dispel the preconceptions you may have about loners.


Can a metaphor ever fail?

week of the loner cool-cartoon-3510748

Via the search engine google I came across a blog in the vast and lonely desert of the internet that was disturbing –

Week of the Loner: journey of a wounded soul.

The blogger who writes on the community which goes by the same name,  describes her life as a bottomless abyss of pain, dis functional familial situation and alcoholism. Result, some kind of cancer. At least one person left a comment:”I’m worried about u.Another gaggle of eccentric loners

Me,too. I ‘m worried about her and her little girl . She said she was better but hasn’t posted anything for a couple of years. At some point, I also encountered another blog, a cancer survivor’s journey which ends with the announcement that she has  passed away. I am sure there are thousands like that. The Week of the Loner blog was the only one defining itself with the trade mark astral week 3-10 March.

I follow in this trail blazer’s path by naming my own blog Week of the Loner. I dedicate it to these two anonymous women.