Can a metaphor ever fail?

week of the loner cool-cartoon-3510748

Via the search engine google I came across a blog in the vast and lonely desert of the internet that was disturbing –

Week of the Loner: journey of a wounded soul.

The blogger who writes on the community which goes by the same name,  describes her life as a bottomless abyss of pain, dis functional familial situation and alcoholism. Result, some kind of cancer. At least one person left a comment:”I’m worried about u.Another gaggle of eccentric loners

Me,too. I ‘m worried about her and her little girl . She said she was better but hasn’t posted anything for a couple of years. At some point, I also encountered another blog, a cancer survivor’s journey which ends with the announcement that she has  passed away. I am sure there are thousands like that. The Week of the Loner blog was the only one defining itself with the trade mark astral week 3-10 March.

I follow in this trail blazer’s path by naming my own blog Week of the Loner. I dedicate it to these two anonymous women.


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