Solo hols

cartoon-fish-fish-bowl-28640992zero gravity2DA4D6F1513261779D015E5F12727B41P1000048loner tattoo frm EtsySolo hols

This is me in the tropics recovering from the stresses of my regular life- usually hundreds of thousands of miles away -temporarily contained and very far away in the Middle East. Rest assured that at that unique personal moment in time I had left all my problems and worries behind and enjoyed the balmy heat and the dips in the refreshing water mid January.

A fish is a fish out of water unless it is in the water. But not any kind of water will do. I read somewhere, or rather I was told by a female friend years ago that fish don’t like round
fishimages (2) fishbowlbowls. I keep professing this fact or theory or whatever it is to anybody caught using a round bowl. If the enslavement contains two aggressive fish of the same family of fish I act like I was born in the cusp of criticism. Piranha hen peckery.

I would love to have a big tank of  brightly painted pisces placed strategically in front of my desk.

Hey, Did you know? If you stare at a fish tank, it lowers your blood pressure. On the other hand, if you stare at the wall , it doesn’t. Next time you stare at the wall. know that walls are man-made and artificial things…