Blogging with a mission


When things occur, I like to find out what made them do so. I am quite thorough in my search and eventually get to the heart of any matter. To me it’s the way to go about life. Hence the breast cancer quest.

I showed the same keen curiosity with breast cancer six years ago as a three year old in a summer field. I remember a sense of wonder throughout. Perhaps I am a child at heart. Some people call me that, sometimes sarcastically. But who cares?

  Relying on instinct rather than common sense, I felt no shame about being diagnosed and universalized this particular quest. I was scared a lot of the time these past six years but the nagging fear of reccurence eased at the three year mark and has now dissipated completely.

Then I stopped worrying about mets (distant recurrence with a Greek twist- metastasis-) and started blogging to help others.

 Like  Hippocrates, the original life coach, I believe in nature and all things natural. I opt for healing rather than popping toxic pills. Call me child-like if you like, but I have retained my sense of humour throughout. It’s ironic really but the other day I read with a lot of consternation that even back in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates was fighting against the Medical Establishment who saw his natural approach as a threat to their infallibility.


You won’t ever catch me calling the illness “my cancer” to use this common but odd expression. Whimsically, I did not want it to be mine or anybody else’s for that matter.. . Ever. It was ”the cancer” and at a quite late stage, too. Stage three. That means it was diagnosed as invasive but still localized in the breast. It never became mine. And my goal was to heal. Gently and naturally.


I am now pleased to report that  I am six years out from stage three breast cancer and the anniversary of my diagnosis is October 13, right in the middle  of Big Pharma pink ribbon month.

 I plan on having a special toast with a favourite wine, without preservatives. Organic even.

 This journey, as the expression goes, does not end here; I believe in life-long learning.  And I choose life..