A new year, new opportunities

9c06fc546b7a11e3806c1267eff66efd_8ImageSeason’s Greetings everyone


Is that what you want to hear? All is forgiven?

When morning breaks  tomorrow,  it will be your birthday. Is this post awkward. then?  No. Try callous.

Fate has dealt you an ironic hand: Our very public confrontation will take place on the eve of the winter solstice, which coincides with your birthday, 22 is a master number in numerology. As you seek enlightenment and spirituality, reading about all the subjects under the sun except the subject you should  look into,  know that I am the angel peaking behind the misty curtain of your life’s metaphorical stage.

Fact:,You are cruel and stubborn. You even boasted about this last trait, Said you are Capricorn and therefore stubborn. Know I have forgiven you but forgiving is one thing, forgetting is, well. another.

You are moaning that she doesn’t let you socialise with your friends. Do you think I would have been better?  A socialite perhaps like the Russian ballerina with extra studies at the Moscow Conservatory you should perhaps have married? Rather a Russian ballerina than your a little ordinary Italian senhora who moans and groans and who you labelled monocultural in one of your emails?

As you know by now I was born in the week of the Loner, (3-10 March), for Christ sake. I hope you like the relevant   cartoon I created online.I am a loner. A loner, like you. Yes. Had we not broken yo but gone on to marry, that cobweb would have engulfed you and spat out the gluey bits. For sure.

You were in my life and still are. Also, you are in my head- especially in my head- like everyone I have always met- I never forget anybody. Some impressionable people remember everyone they have ever met and their conversations. At least that’s what I think I do…People matter to me.

In a previous quarrel I was an elephant with the memory of a cockroach that survived the all engulfing mushroom explosion and starred in the day after….a million times over. A Buddha philosopher who had sinned in a previous life…..But at least YOU my friend bear no grudges.

I told you what happened to Jane from the first week I contacted you on Facebook. You said nothing. You told me you had brothers. It’s like you knew I had dated you for six months all those years ago and never knew you had brothers. I didn’t. I think they slipped your mind that you ever did…..

I want you to look into his illness and find an integrative psychiatrist. I believe nutrition can help him. I told you you are throwing money at the problem and meant it in a sarcastic way and I will not take it back. Trust funds, paid companions. It suits everyone, right?

I can easily locate your brothers and invite Tom to join me on a foreign holiday to Sri Lanka, Did you see those images online? . Warm, healthful aromatic oil trickling down your head to heal your mind? I want him there with me when I create a documentary using only my mobile.

I told you what happened in my family. We failed her. Family support is essential in mental illness.

As I said,  I forgive you. You are Capricorn, born right at the winter Solstice. Nocturnal….But don’t expect me to ever forget…..


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Honoring the Winter Solstice

I have a friend who was born on 22 December. He says he is nocturnal because of it…. Note the number. 22, a master number. Does that make him a spiritual snob?

Daily Muse

Winter Solstice 2013“solstices — summer or winter — are a chance to still ourselves inside, to behold the glory of the cosmos, and to take a breath with the Sacred. Solstice also gives us the opportunity to ask whether or not we are still on the correct course.”

HAPPY SOLSTICE!  While this the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere it is a day for celebration. Among other things it serves as a reminder that darkness is only temporary and the sun will return to brighten our darkest days.

As in ancient times choose this day to celebrate and bid a fond (or not so fond) farewell to the darkness. From this day forward turn towards the sun with #hope & #faith and simply allow the light to fill you up!

I found a wonderful article via Huffington Post on  honoring the winter solstice. Honor your journey…

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Heaven on Earth

E. A. Davis

1017027_10202177079045969_1362346091_nWhen my father was alive and I was still a very young girl, we would go to the Mississippi river. In Saint Louis, there are no beaches or oceans, so that is the closest that you will come. My father never looked more calm or peaceful than when we sat on the shore of the river. We watched boats and barges, the water crashing into the land, and there is a certain smell of the weeds and flowers around the river. His eyes would just seem to glaze over as he stared into the distance. Like my father, I am a very high strung, overstressed individual, but if you put me in a place with a large body of water, that melts away. Almost nothing else matters because it is my peace, my serenity, my “happy place,” if you will.

So being here at Cocoa Beach, FL was exactly what…

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what rhymes with lovely stranger?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhttps://www.facebook.com/https://https://www.facebook.com/dewdroppings?ref=hl/dewdroppings?ref=hl?r

So…..What  does rhyme with stranger? Visually,anger. In practice, its very opposite, plenty of good karma.

This week I had a second unexpected guest, a lovely stranger. Marta from Umbria. She contacted me via couch surfing, the site that has attracted one million members  who have enthusiastically embraced the concept behind the website. She was a host in  local homes in Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia and Paphos.

Couch surfing brings together as feel good bedfellows people who are not suspicious of their fellow humans and who want to give or receive hospitality in an unconventional way. Surfing  as a stanger into people’s lives is an inexpensive way to see the world and peek behind the tourist scene. Plenty of references  on the profile of the would be guest help convince you to give from what you have, a room or even a couch and information and /or your time and company. Receiving is also on the cards. Instant and lasting friendship, if you are lucky. Companionship , to be sure and possibly return hospitality.

My guest , Marta, who is now my friend,   has a flexible job  in natural health that allows her to travel, her obvious  other passion. Her work is at a magnificent abbey in Italy which has been converted into a holistic centre. The perfect occupation for a true nature lover. A humanitarian, Marta has worked as a volunteer at an orphanage in Africa.

Marta has seen a lot of the world. She is a real free spirit living outside the box. In fact, she lives on a mountain with her dog Mela, some 20 kilometres outside the city. At 36, she is broody about starting a family. She now dreams of settling down with her steady boyfriend and having a bunch of kids.

We talked about natural medicine while we had an alternative tour of central Nicosia which is a city under construction. We visited the bargain hunter’s joints namely the anakyklos shop as well  the Nicosia  dog shelter shop, run by volunteers, me included. Aisha, who is Irish Turkish Cypriot  but grew up in Canada was on duty when we got there.. Aisha, a jazz musician. has made a documentary about the dog shelters on the occupied side of Cyprus which is a must see. We’ll try and screen it on the bicommunal Biz Emis program at CBC.

Next, we glided to the North at the Ledra Street cross point  stumbling upon  the Big Inn, Han in Turkish, a remnant of the Ottoman period.  Here various souvenirs including Lefkara lace is sold, made by Turkish women who fled the village. Other ladies came back to the South as trainees after 74 to learn the craft at the Cyprus Handicraft centre and made it their livelihood. My guest was impressed with the Ayia Sophia cathedral, now a mosque, we had an Efez beer at the Mosaic pub next to it. The next day we visited Famagusta and Kyrenia, prompting Carla to call Northern Cyprus unreal and dream-like.

The next morning I drove her to the Cyprus Handicrafts Centre on Athalassa Avenue. She then took the bus to Paphos to stay with the last host and  flew back courtesy of Rynair. At 70 euros for a return flight, the budget airline is the couchsurfer’s ultimate host.