Is that what you want to hear? All is forgiven?

When morning breaks  tomorrow,  it will be your birthday. Is this post awkward. then?  No. Try callous.

Fate has dealt you an ironic hand: Our very public confrontation will take place on the eve of the winter solstice, which coincides with your birthday, 22 is a master number in numerology. As you seek enlightenment and spirituality, reading about all the subjects under the sun except the subject you should  look into,  know that I am the angel peaking behind the misty curtain of your life’s metaphorical stage.

Fact:,You are cruel and stubborn. You even boasted about this last trait, Said you are Capricorn and therefore stubborn. Know I have forgiven you but forgiving is one thing, forgetting is, well. another.

You are moaning that she doesn’t let you socialise with your friends. Do you think I would have been better?  A socialite perhaps like the Russian ballerina with extra studies at the Moscow Conservatory you should perhaps have married? Rather a Russian ballerina than your a little ordinary Italian senhora who moans and groans and who you labelled monocultural in one of your emails?

As you know by now I was born in the week of the Loner, (3-10 March), for Christ sake. I hope you like the relevant   cartoon I created online.I am a loner. A loner, like you. Yes. Had we not broken yo but gone on to marry, that cobweb would have engulfed you and spat out the gluey bits. For sure.

You were in my life and still are. Also, you are in my head- especially in my head- like everyone I have always met- I never forget anybody. Some impressionable people remember everyone they have ever met and their conversations. At least that’s what I think I do…People matter to me.

In a previous quarrel I was an elephant with the memory of a cockroach that survived the all engulfing mushroom explosion and starred in the day after….a million times over. A Buddha philosopher who had sinned in a previous life…..But at least YOU my friend bear no grudges.

I told you what happened to Jane from the first week I contacted you on Facebook. You said nothing. You told me you had brothers. It’s like you knew I had dated you for six months all those years ago and never knew you had brothers. I didn’t. I think they slipped your mind that you ever did…..

I want you to look into his illness and find an integrative psychiatrist. I believe nutrition can help him. I told you you are throwing money at the problem and meant it in a sarcastic way and I will not take it back. Trust funds, paid companions. It suits everyone, right?

I can easily locate your brothers and invite Tom to join me on a foreign holiday to Sri Lanka, Did you see those images online? . Warm, healthful aromatic oil trickling down your head to heal your mind? I want him there with me when I create a documentary using only my mobile.

I told you what happened in my family. We failed her. Family support is essential in mental illness.

As I said,  I forgive you. You are Capricorn, born right at the winter Solstice. Nocturnal….But don’t expect me to ever forget…..




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