The Illuminati

I don’t know if you have read or saw the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I am going to be honest and say I haven’t but this week I consider myself a bit of an expert on the book’s subject matter. I will tell you why shortly.

I think the international best seller deals with the Free Masons, a secret society with their claws stretching to the four corners of the earth and obsessed with strange formalized ceremonies,  Being  a great author with keen marketing skills Dan Brown or rather  the script writer who adapted the book for the big screen has convinced the cinema goers who have seen it that some well connected people including seemingly unrelated celebrities such as President Obama and Beyonce are illuminati striving for a new world order. Rumor has it they want us all under a single government , their own or rather themselves. This post should carry the tags of conspiracy theory, lucrative little nothings, rumor and innuendo and I will add them at the end. Even little Blue Ivy, the baby of Jay Zed and Beyonce was not left out of this nonsense. She is said to be a kind of Rosemary’s baby with devilishly round, haunting eyes and her strange but definitely cute name is fancy enough to be African American- It is in code apparently, She will


grow into it to be sure and if online hysteria is to be believed the name means Roman Polanski spelled backwards. Just joking.

I like this idea of world domination by celebrity because I prefer to be a surf under Western illumination to laboring under an Al Quaida type of oppression with a North Korea streak. The eyes of that September 11 bomber Mohammed Atta will haunt me forever. If the devil exists and has eyes, it’s them. Blue Ivy is innocent.The threat of world domination is tame compared to being raped without witnesses in Pakistan/ Afghanistan and even Cuba.. The latter is scary as hell….

Western Illuminati? Sorry. I don’t buy it.Do I believe the rumors about the Free Masons? No and I will explain why….

Yesterday I went to see an acquaintance who has a small shop and he happened to mention the masons and that he doesn’t go to the meetings often. He said this casually but maybe he was trying to impress me. Let me know in a casual way that he is secret society material. Then I said that rumor has it that if you get to the 33rd degree you learn that they worship the devil.

He assured me that they that they don’t and then proceeded to prove it He googled the Cyprus Freemasons, the English Section. Table or Order or whatever and there I saw something shocking. Not only is he a mason bur he has reached the highest degree 33………I was flabbergasted. And guess what? He is not even rich, never mind powerful…To tell you the truth I always thought he was ordinary like you and me.

He then told me that  to qualify for 33 degree status it takes a lot of work and you need to memorize whole books by heart. Also, you should be a good man.

He says they do help each other, He is the proof, as far as I am concerned, that Rosemary’s baby died in  Sharon Tate’s round tummy,. Enough said.

My husband’s grandfather had reached the 9th degree. Not so studious perhaps. We got a phone call once some years back to join the Greek Masons but as you know they have a nasty reputation so I told my husband to forget it. Guess who rules this nest…

.I am now beginning to regret it in this long cold, wintry. cash strapped recession……


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