Bald can be beautiful

Bald can be beautiful

bald and beautiful

This is Maurizio who I have to tell you is an Italian living la vita italiana, happily as a part of a small 913 ihhabitant comune high up in the Abruzzo mountains a couple of hrs by car from Rome, la capitatale. Here he has been photographed on holiday in the US. His community in Italy is isolated but he doesn’t mind at all. He is happiest living in this remote spot of the Italian peninsula.
Loner? He is such an active and lively person he would liven up the middle of Antarctica- and give it lots of warmth, as well!
He wasn’t born in the Week of the Loner but I will give him an honorary place in this blog for staying in this community and making a difference. Visit his sito personale by googling his name and surname- Grande plus the name of the tiny town Collepardo Italy!