10 Common Problems Old Souls Experience At Least Once In Their Life

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intrepidation intrepidation

1. The inexperience of feeling truly understood.

Old souls can be seen as strange people because they often hold unconventional ideals and standards of living. They often feel a sense of separation from themselves and the “real world” because things like obtaining great wealth, owning a lot of expensive possessions, and other traits of living a materialistic lifestyle aren’t really an interest to them. In a world fueled by consumerism this can seem kind of weird to most people. Having a different set of expectations and ideas about living can make it hard to feel like anyone truly understands you and what drives you in life.

2. People don’t understand how easygoing and forgiving you can be at times.

Old souls tend to have a philosophical viewpoint about life and look at things on a larger spectrum. What does this mean? When problems arise and old souls are forced…

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What’s another year?


I have various ideas about the direction my two blogs should take. No 2015 plan to report except the belief in nature and one’s self as a furious, sometimes unforgiving observer of the world – and cancer survivor.

I also have a confession to make at this stage and six years away from cancer. Some people r gurus and healers. As for me,I am a stirrer. Too abrupt and intense to be a teacher I assume the mantle of the revolutionary….

I recognize that stirrers stir things up and have their unique star in the firmament! Know that there is. in actual fact – a star named Herse in the sky somewhere!

In my just for fun “loner” blog I cast a starry eyed look at life as a confirmed albeit married with kids LONER.

The astrology is actually personology meaning is it actually based on a book/ blog: the secret language of birthdays which studied persons in relation to their birthdays through comparison of biographical details.
I cottoned onto their ideas and seek to popularize the week I was born in, dubbed Week of the Loner (Pisces).

The people behind the study/book/ blog did a very successful and popular empirical study of birthdays and came up with the distilled gist for every day/week of the year. Natives of each week and day share certain traits.
My next target? Taking a cue from Yuri Gagarin and an estimated 28 million others who -like the unforgettable, smiling super likable Russian- share my birthday:
To reach for the stars!pizap.com14197131469971

Jetson Style Luggage

Tuesdays with Laurie

When we’re born we arrive without any luggage. No backpacks, fanny packs, briefcases—not even a small coin purse. But by the time we draw our last breath, many of us have acquired a large set of luggage filled with stuff!much of it debilitating. The strain from lugging it around is enough to break our emotional backs.

ind-baggage-claim-8_24244 People claiming their baggage

Have you heard about the “futuristic” type of luggage that’s powered by a Bluetooth remote-control? Hop! The Following Suitcase does just that. Simply aim your smartphone at it and it’ll follow wherever you go on caterpillar-like treads.

My preference is to “travel light — travel fast.” Carefully examining the contents of our baggage and offloading what doesn’t serve us well makes for a lighter life — creating space for even more gratitude, health, peace of mind, and joy.

Is your baggage following you?

© Laurie Buchanan


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