What’s another year?


I have various ideas about the direction my two blogs should take. No 2015 plan to report except the belief in nature and one’s self as a furious, sometimes unforgiving observer of the world – and cancer survivor.

I also have a confession to make at this stage and six years away from cancer. Some people r gurus and healers. As for me,I am a stirrer. Too abrupt and intense to be a teacher I assume the mantle of the revolutionary….

I recognize that stirrers stir things up and have their unique star in the firmament! Know that there is. in actual fact – a star named Herse in the sky somewhere!

In my just for fun “loner” blog I cast a starry eyed look at life as a confirmed albeit married with kids LONER.

The astrology is actually personology meaning is it actually based on a book/ blog: the secret language of birthdays which studied persons in relation to their birthdays through comparison of biographical details.
I cottoned onto their ideas and seek to popularize the week I was born in, dubbed Week of the Loner (Pisces).

The people behind the study/book/ blog did a very successful and popular empirical study of birthdays and came up with the distilled gist for every day/week of the year. Natives of each week and day share certain traits.
My next target? Taking a cue from Yuri Gagarin and an estimated 28 million others who -like the unforgettable, smiling super likable Russian- share my birthday:
To reach for the stars!pizap.com14197131469971


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