10 Common Problems Old Souls Experience At Least Once In Their Life

Thought Catalog

intrepidation intrepidation

1. The inexperience of feeling truly understood.

Old souls can be seen as strange people because they often hold unconventional ideals and standards of living. They often feel a sense of separation from themselves and the “real world” because things like obtaining great wealth, owning a lot of expensive possessions, and other traits of living a materialistic lifestyle aren’t really an interest to them. In a world fueled by consumerism this can seem kind of weird to most people. Having a different set of expectations and ideas about living can make it hard to feel like anyone truly understands you and what drives you in life.

2. People don’t understand how easygoing and forgiving you can be at times.

Old souls tend to have a philosophical viewpoint about life and look at things on a larger spectrum. What does this mean? When problems arise and old souls are forced…

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  1. It’s a pity that the link to the rest of the article isn’t working. I would have liked to read more of this. I am often fascinated by the idea of “old souls.” Perhaps there is a kind of spiritual comfort in the idea that the age of the soul may be the thing which determines how we move through life — attached to the world and everything in it, or somehow just floating through, looking down at the world neutrally, or thinking more deeply about our experiences than most people do (or should). Who knows? When we sense that we do not exactly fit in with the world, we begin to search for reasons as to why that is, both within ourselves and beyond ourselves.

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