Finance Ministry slows blogging down but ends it not

Greece has a new cabinet of mavericks.Greek PM Alexis Tsipras unveils cabinet of mavericks and visionaries is the title in today’s Guardian! The Minister who is going to right the economy ia an avid blogger and Aries native born March 24

Yanis Varoufakis

The time to put up or shut up has, I have been told, arrived. My plan is to defy such advice. To continue blogging here even though it is normally considered irresponsible for a Finance Minister to indulge in such crass forms of communication. Naturally, my blog posts will become more infrequent and shorter. But I do hope they compensate with juicier views, comments and insights.

For hope to be revived we must all strive to change the ways of a dismal past. Maintaining an open line with the outside world may be a small step in that direction.

So, keep watching this space!

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Am I a social misfit?

Nice to read a humorous article about not fitting in

Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Man with pigeons

Am I a social misfit? I’m beginning to wonder if I am. Let’s look at the evidence:

1) Parties. Everyone loves a party right? Not me. Well I love the idea of them. I buy into the hype. A party! Woohoo! Yay! Count me in! But the reality is a bit different. I’m using the word ‘party’ here to refer to any large social gathering, be it work related or personal. I’m not a mingler. I don’t mingle. People at parties should mingle. But I just like to stick with someone I know and like, in one spot, the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social, if someone talks to me in a social setting, then I will be perfectly pleasant and engage appropriately with the conversation, I might even be funny and sparkling, but I just can’t be the one to start the conversation. I feel awkward…

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Cake should carry a health warning

This is an imortant post so I am reblogging. Let’s eat ZEN!

Furious Curious Cancer Survivor

My eldest child Eleni , 20, a student and “would be” journalist,  just posted something on my FB timeline. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s info about the “naked”  celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his new {one of many battles) campaign-  against sugar this time!

It coincides with an article on the BBC website today from where I reaped the following quotation:

“Parents are being encouraged to cut back on the amount of sugar they feed children in a new health campaign.

The Public Health England (PHE) Change4Life campaign offers “sugar swap” tips, including swapping ice cream for yogurt and sugary drinks for sugar-free alternatives.

Health guidelines advise that 10% of a person’s energy or calorie intake should be made up of sugar.

But officials fear children between four and 10 are consuming far more.

‘Health impact’

Professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at PHE, said: “Reducing…

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I’m Not An Introvert And I’m Not An Extrovert, Either (And Neither Are You)

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Thought Catalog


Unless you’ve been entirely absent from the Internet for the past year or so, you’ve no doubt noticed that we’re pretty obsessed with the idea of introverts and extroverts lately. For quite some time, there’s been a deluge of listicles rattling off the differences between introverts and extroverts and telling us which of our favorite celebrities fall into each category.

The trend is accompanied by what you might call an introverts’ rights movement. Books expose the ways our society may be biased towards traits and qualities associated with extroversion. Introverts are being encouraged to be proud of their personalities and recognize the unique role they have to play, rather than feel they must change in order to succeed.

Despite all this attention, many people still have a skewed idea of what we mean when we say someone is an introvert or an extrovert. This is nothing new, but for…

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28 Things That Happen When You’re A Talkative Introvert

I am sometimes talkative and often a loner, Sometimes both!The rest of the article has encountered tech difficulties so here is the link to read it!Enjoy!

Thought Catalog

Louie Louie

This might come as a shock to some of you, but believe it or not, people are kind of complicated. We try to simplify this whole life ordeal by categorizing ourselves, but truth is, we’re all little mysteries. Cue Scooby Doo theme song. For those of us who seem extroverted, but are in fact quite introverted, here’s some things ya’ll might relate to. Or not. The real question: Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

1. While you may enjoy being the center of attention, you like it in a controlled environment. You might not bust out your best material at a party filled with a sea of unfamiliar faces. You have to warm up, learn the best way to approach these new people. It’s like running a marathon: you’re going to have practiced the distance a few times before going balls to the wall crazy.

2. People have referred…

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