Are you “isolating” and “withdrawing” or do you just need to spend some time alone?

Are u isolating?

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Alone in nature: my idea of heaven

In mainstream mental health circles we are encouraged to believe that “isolating” or “withdrawing” is always bad, that it is in fact pathological.

This is really too bad, as part of healing from mental distress for most people requires spending some time alone. Unfortunately, we find that in professional mental health circles this very natural inclination is often maligned and people are shamed if they show a propensity toward needing time alone.

I certainly need to be alone sometimes and have found some of my deepest healing and found access to those places in the alone times.

Anyone who has spent time in a psych ward know that people are prodded out of their bedrooms and forced to socialize and be in “group,” regardless of whether it’s actually helpful or not. Then if one shares that they would prefer to be alone it…

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