the client is always right!

Benevolent and a person of few words, the most loyal! 
In fact, the best!

 With overflowing brilliance, he offers "heavy" and "lock".

He trolls u like a regular troll, just like he haunts 
recent trends:

Mercilessly and accurately. With an open mind, without fear
 and with (unlimited) passion! Needless to say, he's already 
seen the spread of the  Saturday mag and has a view,
 because he is  half an  ad man!

Considering a  career in advertising?
 Think it over as it depends on him!

If you stay or if you leave, I mean!

 A flighty profession for flighty restless minds!

This person  is difficult and demanding! A troll -and the best teacher.

Sometimes the most loyal. Who:

 the Customer of course!

Καλοπροαίρετος, φειδωλός και ο πιο πιστός! Για την ακρίβεια, ο καλύτερος.

Στο πι και φι και με σπιρτάδα περισσεια σου δίνει το «βαριά» και «κλειδαριά».

Σε τρολάρει κανονικά, όπως εξάλλου στοιχειώνει τα τελευταία trends:

Αλύπητα και με ακρίβεια. Με ανοικτό πνεύμα, χωρίς φόβο και με(απεριόριστο)

πάθος! Πρόλαβε το spread του περιοδικού του Σαββάτου και έχει και άποψη,

καθότι μισός διαφημιστής!

Σκέφτεσαι να σταδιοδρομήσεις: Σηκωνει σκέψη γιατί εξαρτάται ΚΑΙ απ’ αυτόν!

Αν μεινεις ή αν φύγεις, εννοείται!

Φευγάτο επάγγελμα για φευγάτα, ανήσυχα μυαλά!

Είναι δύσκολος και απαιτητικός! Τρολ  -και ο καλύτερος δάσκαλος.

Ενίοτε ο πιο πιστός. Ποιός:

Μα φυσικά ο πελάτης


What’s in a name?

funny but I was to do a post titled What’s in a name!

Happiness, Health and Hypnosis

What do you call yourself?

If you had to name yourself today what would it be?

What would it say about you?

What do you want to project to the world and what do you want to keep hidden?

What defines you?

What is ‘you’?

The same question can be asked when your naming anything – a child, a pet, a business or even a blog.

In T.S. Elliots poems of the Possums book of practical cats there is a poem called the naming of cats. In this poem he looks at the 3 different names all cats have…

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
First of all, there’s the name that the family use daily,
Such as Peter…

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