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This is my free daily tarot reading for today!

You can make great strides in your career, as the association of the Moon (imagination) and the Empress (clarity) is inspiring your creativity. These two feminine cards can transform even your most original ideas into fruitful and realistic projects. And your intelligence, which is a skillful blend of sensitivity, intuition and efficiency, will enable you to demonstrate your talents in many areas. Give your creativity free rein.

The Loner


The Rambling Man

The Loner
by the Rambling Man

A laughing scar adorns his face – this man
smiling a grudging smile that his mouth does not show;
his eyes cast down upon his dreams, gathered close around his feet.
Where a broken cup saves the shrapnel coins of annoyed passers-by,
but there still sits the loner.
alone but for his thoughts –
And the looks that friendly eyes might throw.

I was once like you, you know.
you upright man with a fine coat
and more worried about the rain than about a bed.
or thinking how to face another day in the crowded desert of this town;
its walls that once gave me comfort long torn down;
The roof that shelters me is not my own.
on a friday night you laugh and drink your cares away …
I do the same and cry.

My remorseful thoughts diminish with every further…

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Meet Daisy Gumin

Meet Daisy Gumin

By Daisy Gumin

I’m a 17-year-old homeschooler named Daisy, living in New York City. So far, I’ve been a writer, a reader, a dyslexic, a dancer, a unicyclist, a truth teller, a liar, a listener, a talker, the bullied and the bully, the designated friend, the emotional friend, the caretaker, the problem, the odd man out, a backpacker, a leader, a follower, an artist, a lover (well, kind of), a Catholic, a Jew, an atheist, a yogi, a seeker, and a mad-good gluten-free baker. Today, I’d say I’m a mostly grateful, highly sensitive introvert.

Until recently, I didn’t know I ……..

Meet Daisy Gumin