Meet Daisy Gumin

Meet Daisy Gumin

By Daisy Gumin

I’m a 17-year-old homeschooler named Daisy, living in New York City. So far, I’ve been a writer, a reader, a dyslexic, a dancer, a unicyclist, a truth teller, a liar, a listener, a talker, the bullied and the bully, the designated friend, the emotional friend, the caretaker, the problem, the odd man out, a backpacker, a leader, a follower, an artist, a lover (well, kind of), a Catholic, a Jew, an atheist, a yogi, a seeker, and a mad-good gluten-free baker. Today, I’d say I’m a mostly grateful, highly sensitive introvert.

Until recently, I didn’t know I ……..

Meet Daisy Gumin


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