Mohammed the Annihilator

Mohamed_Atta“Mohamed Atta” by Some Floridian DMV employee – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –[edit]

Do u ever wonder about the motivation of suicide bombers? I often do! Especially about people like this young man of Twin Tower destruction fame. The Romeo with the nasty face!Here I have a quotation from Wikipedia about this Egyptian whose birthday was yesterday!

“There are multiple, conflicting explanations for Atta’s behavior and motivation. Political psychologist Jerrold Post has suggested that Atta and his fellow hijackers were just following orders from Al Qaeda leadership, “and whatever their destructive, charismatic leader, Osama bin Laden said was the right thing to do for the sake of the cause was what they would do.”[110] In turn, political scientist Robert Pape has claimed that Atta was motivated by his commitment to the political cause, that he was psychologically normal, and that he was “not readily characterized as depressed, not unable to enjoy life, not detached from friends and society.”[111] By contrast, criminal justice professor Adam Lankford has found evidence that Atta was clinically suicidal, and that his struggles with social isolation, depression, guilt, shame, hopelessness, and rage were extraordinarily similar to the struggles of those who commit conventional suicide and murder-suicide. By this view, Atta’s political and religious beliefs affected the method of his suicide and his choice of target, but they were not the underlying causes of his behavior.”

May I remind you that the anniversary is around the corner. The stigma of that anniversary tallies with the birthday of another Ruthless Romeo, the murderous dentist, President Assad of Syria. Yes. He is the guy who kills his own people! It’s of course entirely coincidental that he was born September 11! (DID YOU KNOW? The number 11 is a master number in numerology!)



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