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Cities: Alexandria, Santiago de Compostella and Seville

Countries, Mediterranean islands, Scandinavia

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Eufonia of footsteps(by Pisces)



I am having some thoughts about my new pisces  travel blog

still under construction……..

Possible titles?

Eufonia of footsteps

Roamin’ thrashin’ lovatude

Which Way to the sea?

Quo vadis travelling Queen?

My grand adventures

Storming  my unicorn’s Utopia

Reckoning without Hoteliers







Blast, my life path’s an 8!



Reader, I was born March 9  and here I am posting pics of 3 people born on March 9. One picture is an image of myself in a school play. At the time I was offered a scholarship to study drama but refused it. I declined!

The trait of this day March 9 is animal magnetism!

…..and out of curiosity I  just had an input of two names- mine and the late Raul Julia’s name on a website testing computerised compatibility. Result?

Compatibility level: 100% – A natural fit that usually produces a very compatible relationship.

For me this is surprising because I share a birthday with this man who is still a celebrity post humously and we also share  a life path number. Know that the life path is the most important number in numerology!

“The fact that both Raul and Ersie Parisinou have 8 as their Life Path number puts them in a position where they are well suited to support each other’s endeavors, as well as start something together. They are both visionaries with imagination and a talent for business. However, they are also both driven to be in charge, and they do not like to surrender control to someone else.

Because of this, Raul and Ersie Parisinou may find themselves competing against each other at times. That should be avoided because, in a relationship, competition can turn into jealousy and anger. As long as they direct their strongly competitive natures against other forces, Raul and Ersie Parisinou have a good chance of a long and happy relationship, quite possibly financially prosperous as well.

This match is good for business, but its tendency to risk everything in the pursuit of a dream may bring about either enormous success or total failure. No other combination causes a financial roller-coaster life like this one. Raul and Ersie Parisinou will need to keep an eye on each other in order to prevent excessive risk.

The biggest danger in this combination is poverty. To be financially strapped will negatively impact on all other areas of their life, including romance. It is important that Raul and Ersie Parisinou follow their heart and their intuition in the pursuit of success, but it is equally important that they keep enough of their assets out of risk in order to avoid serious problems. Considerable financial problems will almost certainly ruin their relationship.

Both Raul and Ersie Parisinou understand the need for authority in life, particularly when it comes to raising children. They may have a tendency to be stricter and more controlling than most parents and this, too, can become a source of trouble. Such families tend to create environments wherein the children are given everything they need, including plenty of love, but that will come accompanied by too much control, and children will certainly rebel. Raul and Ersie Parisinou may realize that they have been under the illusion that they can form and shape their children according to their expectations, a guaranteed recipe for disappointment. They better relax! Their children will grow up fine even if their dreams and goals are completely different from their  parents’.”Fischer_eyes

the eyes here are Bobby Fisher, another March 9 native who also had a post humous controversy surrounding a  child claiming to be his love child!

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