My favorite quote

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One of my favorite quotes is the following:
Little minds borrow, great minds steal!
I once applied for a job as an advertising copywriter.
They asked for a CV and I considered it wise to hide some things in my past that were less than flattering or pointed to a certain fickleness of character. So I made sn arty CV and hoped it would be well received!I typed facts about my past experience onto a black and white photocopy of a favorite photo, a selfie, gave my age as 25 Mays, using a Greek idiom and also mentioned the above quote as my favorite quote.
After a gruelling period of waiting for the agency to contact me knowing that they would be choosing from 300 applicants, , I got the job! I went on to write copy and see the workings of the ad industry. It was all very American-style even though I live in Europe, with brain storming sessions and stressful deadlines. I eventually left the job to become a journalist. In one of their handbooks I read that 90% of advertising copywriters eventually leave the profession!


my cultural safari

240-Country-Estate-18-800x400i HAVE BEEN DOING a bit of private brainstorming as I hunt for a title for my imminent travel blog and today I came up with more than one title that I am tentative about.

I quite like Curious Explorer Scorer  or the simpler  Endless Epic Ways. And then again, I like the fun name Burek travel which refers to a pastry eaten throughout Greece and Cyprus, Turkey,  most Arab countries, Israel and the Eastern  Mediterranean! Watch this space!












moon road

Mongata:(n) the glimmering roadlike reflection the moon creates on water



It wasn’t long ago that Britney Spears was calling her young children mistakes.


I never call mine most of the time anything like that except when they

make me feel I am Shirley Valentine. In recent years I took on other people’s mistakes, two in total. The picture depicts a cutie called Kavindo which means

after winter but it is untranslatable like the moonwalk word from Scandinavia.

He came into my home as a 10 day old BABY and left very recently. He was two on January 15!

Now he is back in Sri Lanka where he has roots. He shares a birthday with another hero of mine, Martin Luther King. The trait of that day according to the Secret Language of Birthdays is HEROISM!