one way ticket to Mars

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Not many people would volunteer for a one way trip to Mars…Trust me, I know!

I was born in the Week of the Loner! (3-10 March)!



youth talk

That quote rings true/ holds true for all of us young and old, earthlings or Martians!




Karma Chameleon


The idea of reincarnation is very attractive. I read that the Brilliant Ancient Greeks who gave us the hypotenuse ( and 98% of my Eastern Mediterranean genes)agreed with Eastern religions about the transmigration of souls.

I also don’t know if the old souls detail  that I learned from an online search recently and is a very Eastern idea tallies with Hippocrates but I am a good candidate for this. Old souls are born that way and do nothing much but potter about in the garden, world weary and tired from birth. My star sign Pisces are such souls. It explains our lack of energy as well!

Do I believe in Lord Buddha and reincarnation? After my 15th temple on my recent Sri Lankan hols I decided that I much prefer Greek Churches and their religious icons to the huge statues of the Indian philosopher!

Let me rephrase that! Do I believe that if I do lowly things I will come back as a cockroach? Instead of an answer I will just repeat what I once read in a book titled: ‘Are we alone?” WITH THE QUESTION MARK IN bold!

Everything in nature dies” And stays dead. Amen!





About this blog

I actually like psycho bubble. And I don’t mind in the least if it’s  psycho or bubble. I was born in the Week of the Loner,  which  in astrology is included in the ten day chunk of  time known as  Pisces Two.

This kind of ten day period is called decan in astrology. Cool.

I am Pisces, like the inept Mikhail Gorbachev  eccentic wonder boy Albert Einstein , and last but not least Jesus Christ superstar himself.

The above celebrities  trod the earth in the so called Age of Pisces spanning more than a thousand years. None of them, however, were of course born in the same week of introverted romantics. On second thought, Jesus qualifies for the honorary title.He was a


self-sacrifising ,  foolhardy,  naive revolutionary. In short, a tragic figure. In fact,  one of the sweetest people ever to walk the earth.  Was he  a bit  arrogant in his barefoot humility? You be the judge!lucky_fish_by_pillbox_hat-d31k029

A mere impostor/ Impostor Traidor


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There was something theatrical about his ambitious,  larger than life projects( a different one every month)  usually  lost and suppressed in the process of fruition through impracticality, the wrong motivation (to show off) and last but not least, his unfortunate  habit of procrastination.  Ditto for his habit of lying  to the financiers of the project and incorrigible FABULOUSLY EXAGGERATED name dropping!  And then there was the matter of his feelings of inferiority!

Impostor syndrome!

He was often in the news for all the wrong reasons:his  big life, the big Spanish- style Beverly Hills villa. his several big limos, the Ferrari and antique Jaguar in a yucky color…… (The latter was bought in this garish color on purpose through the advice of an old friend who knew a lot about car depreciation according to  color) . Conveniently, it often matched in color or theme his Hollywood wife’s spectacular -to =outlandish outfits.

When his kids (two half Brazilian half- Jewish honeys with Spanish names-Macarena and Ines just eleven months apart in age) played outside, the ball  sometimes landed next door in the massive Spielberg garden with the mile-long manicured lawn!

The press loved him not only because he was photographed with Johnny Depp at every opportunity but for a more idiosyncratic reason as well! He was unconventional. It’s true that the crazy world of showbiz is teeming with those artistic, don’t give a fuck types but he stood out with his behaviour and  frequent brushes with the law. Refreshingly, the problems that landed him on the nine o’clock news were never about drugs . He was wiser than that.

His Jewish grandfather  had brought him up. He had frequently told him:

J you can drink, smoke and take drugs but NOT with MY money!

He himself fortunately didn’t care for self-destruction! He grew up eating sushi off the family silver knowing he would never be able to carve his own way in the world because there was too much family cash in the bank!Of course, the real  reason he was frequently in the news in the first place was his famous, even legendary surname on his dad’s side. His dad was a Hollywood legend who rose from the tricky business of being an A list actor  wannabe Latino immigrant to A List status as a theatre character actor on Broadway  and subsequently a household name through films and TV…. Let’s call his son  J for short.

His Jewish grandmother  was funny. She used to tell him “J, marry where money is!”Whatever that means! But he knew only too well his Jewish family believed in marrying your own kind! h2_41.190.135

In fact, he was a teenager when he finally met his father for the first time on location in the Bahamas.

J was a very sensitive man in an insensitive world and he knew it! The beta male. He called himself the least popular kid in the class. Annoying little nerds we all disliked esp if they had a huge crash on us!

THIS IS BASED ON REAL LIFE . Names have been changed to protect identities!

to be continued

This post was written as a response to today’s challenge at the daily post, Mad Libs:

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.

a family secret

Evasive Action

Oh,no you don’t. Reveal too much I mean. Anything you say may be used against you, I tell myself while reminiscing. However,by opting to reveal to you a secret that was more mute than a tombstone in my head for many years I am taking part in a kind of cleansing exercise for the soul….



Some other secrets will stay forever in my head. I am asking you to respect this decision of mine…..I am ok with this one secret so I will tell the story.

This week I was being media-oriented as usual and I noticed an article about famous singer Celine Dion which tallied with my own experience as a mother’s child. She said she was nearly aborted. She was child 12 or 13 or something like that! Obviously the mother had a change of heart and kept the pregnancy to full term.

My circumstances were different but similar.It was during the British Empire and my little country Cyprus was a British colony. The Brits practised their famous divide and rule policy, made worse from the fact that the Ottoman Turks who had Cyprus before them had imported many Turkish people over several centuries to Turkify the island. My mum was working as a pharmacist but was laid off when the colonial admin passed a new law to fire pregnant women from the civil service!

My mum was a workaholic and took this very badly. She had stumbled into motherhood by meeting my sexy dad when she was 38 and a virgin. (She mentioned to me that my dad was the only man she had known intimately a couple of times and it was obviously true) She was a single minded workaholic until that life-changing liaison dangereuse. To cut a long story short she was married in a small chapel with no photographer (or photographs), heavily pregnant with my brother, the first born.

Unfortunately for her she had another three girls in a row in as many years. I was the third girl and born when she was 44. She alsways hid 3 years from her real age!

She aborted the fifth, a detail I would have preferred never to have been told. I told my dad in his eighties! He was very disappointed. He was probably sad about this unnecessary loss. Also. he believed that we should all have a dozen kids to  strengthen our gene pool!
I suspect my workaholic mum may have fallen out of favor with some of the readers of this post who like happy endings but really I was quite tolerant and felt great empathy for my mum. Besides SHE ADORED me once she decided to have me and the tears of shock concerning the unplanned pregnancy had dried.. Typical of a lot of mums, she reserved some extra love for her youngest and gave me the name Ersie which means morning dew. She said she was hoping I would rain some cool water drops on her with my liveliness!

the Next Dalai Lama

Money for Nothing




Yep! that’s me! Correct me if I am wrong but the 14 Dalai Lamas before this current one, the really likable orange-clothed monk we consider a match to Pope Francis,  happened to be men! An accident? Of course.I will also be accidental and will not jump out of a cake.I will just be the woman who is enthroned according to the natural order of things just and inevitable Several wise men and (hopefully) women in the Buddhist tradition will come looking for me and darken my doorstep.They will inform me I am the Dalai Lama incarnate and need to accompany them to a Buddhist commune! There are Buddhist nuns around as well and you are forgiven if you have not chanced upon one yet.
My first and only encounter with an orange clothed nun was in the Temple of Buddha’s tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka! We both looked back in wonder. Her amazed at my foereign looks and me amazed at seeing a nun! I thought only men gave a vow of Eastern celibacy and followed the Lord Buddha!
Well I will stumble upon this unusual job after I make the visitors herbal tea and graciously accept my calling and try to excel at it!I watched the Dalai Lama on the news and he is quite modern and has TV and hifi and everything. I am mot sure who pays his salary but the Buddhist monks in my neighborhood
have taken a vow of celibacy, are vegan and are given food by the faithful as they have no possessions!
A Nice fantasy to liven up this otherwise conventional blog!

A grand solitaire

Piet Mondrian
Pieter Cornelis “Piet” Mondriaan, after 1906 Mondrian, was a Dutch painter. Mondrian was a contributor to the De Stijl art movement and group, which was founded by Theo van Doesburg. Wikipedia
Died: February 1, 1944, Manhattan, United States
Periods: Modern art, De Stijl



Today I am quoting a paragraph about a genius born in the Week of the Loner 3-10 March!

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)
This Dutch painter is known for the angularity of his style — bold opaque squares factory-perfect, outlined in inorganic black, although early in his career he produced expressionistic landscapes in subtle colors. Ascetic, devoted to working in complete isolation, Mondrian arranged his studio to embody his geometric style. No natural forms were permitted within, its white walls were adorned here and there only with cardboard squares in primary colors. “He could have lived equally easily in any town in the world, so long as he had a room arranged according to these laws,” one rare visitor later noted. “It was the dwelling of a grand solitaire.