Writing Voices for all

I started doing the daily prompt and it’s making more of a sociable person and less of a Pisces loner~

Furious Curious Cancer Survivor

Writing Voices for allVoice Work

” I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still ”  Sylvia Plath

February 3! What a creative day! I know for a fact that 3 is the most creative number in numerology…(more on my other blog)….

Who will play me when I am famous? Scorpio Julia, fiery Penelope of Woman on Top fame or a Greek prima donna in the Melina  ‘Never on a Sunday” fame and  tradition? It will have to me I am afraid. Playing myself and reciting my masterpieces like those titled British natural wonder specialists we see in those surprisingly riveting documentaries!

I will have you know that March 9 natives have unusual voices that sound good and strong on the radio. The right timbre with a slight but sexy Greek Cypriot accent! The best ever Greek actor, in fact,  was the…

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