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One thing’s for sure. My first name translates well. It’s pretty universal and a tiny bit pagan.

Many cultures have deified the morning dew that nourishes  plants and keeps them going even during periods of severe drought. So much that the roots of this Greek name of mine, Ersie. are visible even in Sanskrit. Varshini is I believe my name in Hindi, Herse in Ancient Greek. Can’t you see the similarity in the two languages? Another “watery” word,  Vrohi  means rain in Greek….differing slightly- Vroshi  in my dialect, Cypriot Greek. Varshini  is close…

Ersie Tally Nada Rocia Varshini. An invisible mysterious ‘s thread has linked me forever with countless other women whose mum just took a fancy to a certain dewy name and gave it ceremoniously like a  gift. It came with a condition in my case: she was hoping I would rain some refreshment on her!

Do I like my name? The answer is an emphatic yes!


The name for morning dew – Ersie came to me as given with love and hope  but not handed down to me. There was no other granny to honour when my turn to be baptised came: I was the third girl in a row. First there was my brother Athos, the first born. I don’t know whether my parents were thinking  of Athos, one of the Giants in Ancient Greek mythology, or of Mount Athos in  mainland Greece, but that’s what they called him. Or maybe they got it from the three Musketeers!

It’s a very long story about our Greek names with privy confessional details nvolving our extended family. I will tell you the whole of it in a future post. Meanwhile, read the blog post by another blogger: “What’s in a name?” I reblogged some time ago because I liked it!Here is the link:

The visual I used here refers to my beloved niece whose parents liked the name V.  The pic actually alludes to the Hollywood legend Veronica Lake’s famous hairdo!0b50f0e2783ed616477083d33df9519d


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