the Next Dalai Lama

Money for Nothing




Yep! that’s me! Correct me if I am wrong but the 14 Dalai Lamas before this current one, the really likable orange-clothed monk we consider a match to Pope Francis,  happened to be men! An accident? Of course.I will also be accidental and will not jump out of a cake.I will just be the woman who is enthroned according to the natural order of things just and inevitable Several wise men and (hopefully) women in the Buddhist tradition will come looking for me and darken my doorstep.They will inform me I am the Dalai Lama incarnate and need to accompany them to a Buddhist commune! There are Buddhist nuns around as well and you are forgiven if you have not chanced upon one yet.
My first and only encounter with an orange clothed nun was in the Temple of Buddha’s tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka! We both looked back in wonder. Her amazed at my foereign looks and me amazed at seeing a nun! I thought only men gave a vow of Eastern celibacy and followed the Lord Buddha!
Well I will stumble upon this unusual job after I make the visitors herbal tea and graciously accept my calling and try to excel at it!I watched the Dalai Lama on the news and he is quite modern and has TV and hifi and everything. I am mot sure who pays his salary but the Buddhist monks in my neighborhood
have taken a vow of celibacy, are vegan and are given food by the faithful as they have no possessions!
A Nice fantasy to liven up this otherwise conventional blog!


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