a family secret

Evasive Action

Oh,no you don’t. Reveal too much I mean. Anything you say may be used against you, I tell myself while reminiscing. However,by opting to reveal to you a secret that was more mute than a tombstone in my head for many years I am taking part in a kind of cleansing exercise for the soul….



Some other secrets will stay forever in my head. I am asking you to respect this decision of mine…..I am ok with this one secret so I will tell the story.

This week I was being media-oriented as usual and I noticed an article about famous singer Celine Dion which tallied with my own experience as a mother’s child. She said she was nearly aborted. She was child 12 or 13 or something like that! Obviously the mother had a change of heart and kept the pregnancy to full term.

My circumstances were different but similar.It was during the British Empire and my little country Cyprus was a British colony. The Brits practised their famous divide and rule policy, made worse from the fact that the Ottoman Turks who had Cyprus before them had imported many Turkish people over several centuries to Turkify the island. My mum was working as a pharmacist but was laid off when the colonial admin passed a new law to fire pregnant women from the civil service!

My mum was a workaholic and took this very badly. She had stumbled into motherhood by meeting my sexy dad when she was 38 and a virgin. (She mentioned to me that my dad was the only man she had known intimately a couple of times and it was obviously true) She was a single minded workaholic until that life-changing liaison dangereuse. To cut a long story short she was married in a small chapel with no photographer (or photographs), heavily pregnant with my brother, the first born.

Unfortunately for her she had another three girls in a row in as many years. I was the third girl and born when she was 44. She alsways hid 3 years from her real age!

She aborted the fifth, a detail I would have preferred never to have been told. I told my dad in his eighties! He was very disappointed. He was probably sad about this unnecessary loss. Also. he believed that we should all have a dozen kids to  strengthen our gene pool!
I suspect my workaholic mum may have fallen out of favor with some of the readers of this post who like happy endings but really I was quite tolerant and felt great empathy for my mum. Besides SHE ADORED me once she decided to have me and the tears of shock concerning the unplanned pregnancy had dried.. Typical of a lot of mums, she reserved some extra love for her youngest and gave me the name Ersie which means morning dew. She said she was hoping I would rain some cool water drops on her with my liveliness!


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