A mere impostor/ Impostor Traidor


a Bq6gETGCAAAWMBKhref=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/mad-libs/”>Mad Libs
a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/mad-libs/”>Mad Libs
There was something theatrical about his ambitious,  larger than life projects( a different one every month)  usually  lost and suppressed in the process of fruition through impracticality, the wrong motivation (to show off) and last but not least, his unfortunate  habit of procrastination.  Ditto for his habit of lying  to the financiers of the project and incorrigible FABULOUSLY EXAGGERATED name dropping!  And then there was the matter of his feelings of inferiority!

Impostor syndrome!

He was often in the news for all the wrong reasons:his  big life, the big Spanish- style Beverly Hills villa. his several big limos, the Ferrari and antique Jaguar in a yucky color…… (The latter was bought in this garish color on purpose through the advice of an old friend who knew a lot about car depreciation according to  color) . Conveniently, it often matched in color or theme his Hollywood wife’s spectacular -to =outlandish outfits.

When his kids (two half Brazilian half- Jewish honeys with Spanish names-Macarena and Ines just eleven months apart in age) played outside, the ball  sometimes landed next door in the massive Spielberg garden with the mile-long manicured lawn!

The press loved him not only because he was photographed with Johnny Depp at every opportunity but for a more idiosyncratic reason as well! He was unconventional. It’s true that the crazy world of showbiz is teeming with those artistic, don’t give a fuck types but he stood out with his behaviour and  frequent brushes with the law. Refreshingly, the problems that landed him on the nine o’clock news were never about drugs . He was wiser than that.

His Jewish grandfather  had brought him up. He had frequently told him:

J you can drink, smoke and take drugs but NOT with MY money!

He himself fortunately didn’t care for self-destruction! He grew up eating sushi off the family silver knowing he would never be able to carve his own way in the world because there was too much family cash in the bank!Of course, the real  reason he was frequently in the news in the first place was his famous, even legendary surname on his dad’s side. His dad was a Hollywood legend who rose from the tricky business of being an A list actor  wannabe Latino immigrant to A List status as a theatre character actor on Broadway  and subsequently a household name through films and TV…. Let’s call his son  J for short.

His Jewish grandmother  was funny. She used to tell him “J, marry where money is!”Whatever that means! But he knew only too well his Jewish family believed in marrying your own kind! h2_41.190.135

In fact, he was a teenager when he finally met his father for the first time on location in the Bahamas.

J was a very sensitive man in an insensitive world and he knew it! The beta male. He called himself the least popular kid in the class. Annoying little nerds we all disliked esp if they had a huge crash on us!

THIS IS BASED ON REAL LIFE . Names have been changed to protect identities!

to be continued

This post was written as a response to today’s challenge at the daily post, Mad Libs:

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.


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