About this blog

I actually like psycho bubble. And I don’t mind in the least if it’s  psycho or bubble. I was born in the Week of the Loner,  which  in astrology is included in the ten day chunk of  time known as  Pisces Two.

This kind of ten day period is called decan in astrology. Cool.

I am Pisces, like the inept Mikhail Gorbachev  eccentic wonder boy Albert Einstein , and last but not least Jesus Christ superstar himself.

The above celebrities  trod the earth in the so called Age of Pisces spanning more than a thousand years. None of them, however, were of course born in the same week of introverted romantics. On second thought, Jesus qualifies for the honorary title.He was a


self-sacrifising ,  foolhardy,  naive revolutionary. In short, a tragic figure. In fact,  one of the sweetest people ever to walk the earth.  Was he  a bit  arrogant in his barefoot humility? You be the judge!lucky_fish_by_pillbox_hat-d31k029



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