Nerve Cell Talk



Every day is a feast day. Somebody thought of a new one recently:
A feast day, I mean.

Buy nothing day.

Wonderful idea!

I hope somebody else thinks of another feast day such as…

Buy only recycled day.

We desperately need a bit of both kinds of activity!

Somebody even suggested we should have no children, as children and humans in general are great polluters!

A conceive nobody day!

Makes sense but Chinese men are looking for wives with a candle stick these days. as we say in Greek! 30 million girls shortage at the last count. Due to infanticide.

A base on Mars makes numerical and evolutionary sense.

Hope those little green men have insensitive nerve cells. And don’t find humans attractive. Then overpopulation  figures might just improve!




Old /New Windows

Here is a juxtaposition of old and new. The new windows are a peak into the soul of my favourite city, Lisbon!I have reblogged the other pic for the purpose of contrast of new and old…. as my scanner is not working and I couldn’t share my husbands pics! Here is another talented photographer on wordpress. He provides a picture from my tiny but beautiful country Cyprus…

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Source: Old Windows

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some bloggers are real networkers. As for me, being born in the week of the Loner with a capital L I can omnly tr to keep up with natural extroverts online!

Dream Big, Dream Often


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Soppy and its opposite.



<a href=””>Sentimental</a&gt;

Guys, I ‘m a sucker for sentimentality as much as the next woman but good sense prevails in the end. Phew.Let’s keep complicated ,unfathomable self- sacrifices involving personal choices for old Hollywood movies and Bronte spinsterhood.We are in the 2ist century, after all and let’s act like it.
Also, never look up old flames on Facebook unless you want to be the talk of the town.How’s that? Let me explain what happened to me as an example to avoid!
I look up or (more to the point) sneak on various people of both sexes from the past who normally stay in the past unless you have a computer mouse in your hand until I remember a ghost from this tale-spinnin’ truth twistin’ memory maize called a past.. I google his name several times and I get nothing. I google some more and it throws a published playwright , a teenager and a would-be monk.
Antonio, yes that’s his name, was devoured by the Italian countryside 28 years ago to the day-last October 22!Could he be made to rise from the dead?! I locate an old address book and google Alatri. Yeah it’s an Italian village, his! Sure enough a myriad photos of a stud with shaved head and ageless allure, not forgetting rugged masculinity appears on all social media. I peak at the pics…no kids. I look at the Italian senora. She is full of kids either.
He remembers me. He remembers. He is not angry I didn’t elope.Judging’ by the summary of the 3 decades he tells me nobody else wanted to elope to the Italian Timbuktu either until he met this woman in Rome and he commutes one and a half hours to be with her. He didn’t want bambini, being a bambino himself. Still lives with mamma mia. Cliche that suits an eternal Alpha bachelor.An Italian Romeo.
I write the story and send it to the TV magazine that everybody reads. 200K people to be precise. I pretend I was madly in love, peppering the text with happiness is a larger than life Italian persona in a cheap hostel room stuff blah blah who loves his village first, his secure municipal post second and his mamma third.
Everybody believes it’s the most romantic story ever written and acquaintances who recognize me from the details that I reveal accidentally rebuke me for not migrating to nowhere much in the Italian highlands which has 913 inhabitants. They look frustrated for me for turning down the offer to bottle tomatoes for winter to pass the time.
Reader, I didn’t go. As it turns out he is an Alpha who imposed the no children rule on his Italian wife without dialogue. I’ll take the beta male every time! A guy who interacts plus compromises and agrees on fathering the 3 kids 2 girls one boy I was planning on havin!!

travels true & inevitable


The prompt for the Daily post is of course something inevitable. Here’s my contribution:

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I know not with what means but
since you asked, I will soon start fulfilling my destiny as


(her world arena)

a travel blogger.

It’s simply inevitable.

for more details look at the Secret Language of birthdays com which inspired this blog!  They studied 20K biographies and got the gist!Here’s an excerpt about the March 9  native’s destiny:

” March 9 people often experience a conflict between their stable, nurturing side and their desire to be free, to travel, to let their minds roam over dreams and ideas. If they lock themselves into a position of heavy personal responsibility (family, job, social position), they may find themselves frustrated a good deal of the time. Part of the problem is that since they are highly capable, others easily grow dependent on them. They must be careful to leave certain doors open for themselves through which they can periodically escape and express the adventuresome, far-out elements of their personalities.”

Quite a few March 9 natives managed to fulfil their destiny as space voyagers. They include Amerigo
Vespucci and Yuri Gagarin
To Prince Edward Islandarin!

a secret Pin board




I didn’t know anything about secret boards on Pinterest until somebody invited me to one. It was an English man  I knew when I was 19 and who I look up every 10 years on social media etc. He is not an easy person to have in your life –

and stubborn but I am glad to see he has found his calling in life and is a very successful English teacher at an italian University. He is so good at what he does that his slides on slide share have got more than 100K views.Also, his marriage to an Italian senorita is a success and they had a child who has a bilingual first name to sound right in both cultures.She is now in her early twenties.

Women have a soft heart for men in their past and sometimes you mix past and present and feel confused. In this case it was nothing like that. More to the point, the relationship was platonically companionable and I I was a good  confidante  and he a mentor for my two blogs until…..he mentioned he had brothers. I didn’t recall this crucial detail from my teenage days but when he told me one of the brothers is mentally ill I immediately wanted to help. He said no and our relationship collapsed. I thought it was stubborn and cruel.

The secret board is still there and he has left Pinterest so I use it as a pin backup cupboard. I have another  secret board I use to save pin ideas and projects away from the eyes of Nigerian or European scammers.

And then there is my  third secret board. One day, out of the blue I got a friend request on Facebook from an Indian man and I instinctively accepted it even though he was a stranger. As it turned our we share a birthday  and thought it was a valid reason to try and connect with me.As you can imagine,   by now a couple of years have already passed  and we both think it’s special and that it  means there is a special bond between us as we share the never boring, conceptually complex personality of March 9 natives. We have another birthday round the corner!

He has also made a March 9 FB  page with 400 likes and our secret  board  also has the same name.March 9.  I try to find more and more celebrities and historical figures and their connection to this day  and explore their life stories through pinning and it’s quite a fun pin board to have. He loves pinning and does so often.I hope he meets a nice girl and settles down as he is turning 30 in a few days!

You can see his picture above. He is sort of of a best friend of mine online! I guess secret boards are not always part of the dark web but can lead to meaningful friendships!