travels true & inevitable


The prompt for the Daily post is of course something inevitable. Here’s my contribution:

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I know not with what means but
since you asked, I will soon start fulfilling my destiny as


(her world arena)

a travel blogger.

It’s simply inevitable.

for more details look at the Secret Language of birthdays com which inspired this blog!  They studied 20K biographies and got the gist!Here’s an excerpt about the March 9  native’s destiny:

” March 9 people often experience a conflict between their stable, nurturing side and their desire to be free, to travel, to let their minds roam over dreams and ideas. If they lock themselves into a position of heavy personal responsibility (family, job, social position), they may find themselves frustrated a good deal of the time. Part of the problem is that since they are highly capable, others easily grow dependent on them. They must be careful to leave certain doors open for themselves through which they can periodically escape and express the adventuresome, far-out elements of their personalities.”

Quite a few March 9 natives managed to fulfil their destiny as space voyagers. They include Amerigo
Vespucci and Yuri Gagarin
To Prince Edward Islandarin!


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