Ars Longa


the entrance hall of my house



a wordless post today!



  1. Hallo. Im enjoying your blog. I cant see how to reply direct so am writing in response to Ars Longa (by the way there’s an ice cream machine in Athens called Arz Freezer, that made me laugh).
    I’ve been living in Kythnos, a Cycladean island, full time for almost 3 years.I was married to Annie who died aged 54 of secondary breast cancer but she survived a wonderful 10 years after primary breast cancer. That was in North Cumbria, UK. Ive never been to Cyprus but will go some day. I am a novelist and blogger and fiction tutor. I have a lovely daughter Ione aged 26 who is a student liaison officer in Leeds, UK.
    all the best
    John Murray

    • You sound sociable. I spent a year on Spetses age 25 as a teacher at that school that John Fowles got his inspiration for the Magus.. I was looking for a husband and the following year I moved to Athens which is crowded. Then I came back to my native Cyprus where I met and married my husband who is partly Scottish and English but also Greek Cypriot. I will start a new blog and anybody can contribute and get paid about ALTERNATIVE health travel eg to Ikaria. Sorry about your wife. I know about your daughter because I read about her on your interesting blog!

  2. Thanks for all that information and congratulations on your marriage. Your husband’s ethnic mixture sounds perfect. I have a friend diagnosed with cancer of the sinuses when 35 in 1995 who shouldnt have lasted more than a few months but is still alive and kicking 21 years later. I’ve read up about the Ikariot guy who had serious lung cancer in the States, moved back home and started the good life again and is still going strong.
    I was never sure whether The Magus was set in Spetses or Skiathos. My publisher Flambard did Fowles’s poetry a few years back.
    Anyway well done with your blog

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