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Beach at Unawatuna nr Galle Sri Lanka

AA80PE Beach at Unawatuna nr Galle Sri Lanka

UnawatunaI was taken there and it took my breath away!. It’s the place where the locals take you because you have to see it and experience it. Before reluctantly leaving it.

Unawatuna. A dreamy beach in heavenly Sri Lanka

The Portuguese colonialists eyed Galle, a town  in Southern Sri Lanka,  like a jewel that should  be acquired. They lingered, ah tarried is the word I was looking for. They tarried and may even have left some of their genes in this unique spot in Southern Sri Lanka. So did the Dutch. Left their footprints and their genes. Some locals are 10th generation Dutch and are entrenched by now. Even the houses look Dutch!

The Palm trees were swaying in the slight ocean breeze  and I remember noticing that the climate was better than some other places on the island of Serendipity or ‘happy accident’, if you prefer!

I was there a year before the tsunami. I returned seven years later and loved it again.

I made friends there and will go back for a third visit as soon as I get the chance

It just took my breath away!


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