NOT Fake happiness



He is my friend even though we’ve never met and may never do! Who? An agony uncle with his own problem page in a local magazine here in Cyprus. I think this admirable man and I have developed a deep relationship as he publishes my letters regularly and makes enthusing comments.
Sometimes I e mail him to ‘correct’ the advice he has given.
Take that painful case of the young woman who said she was sexually abused when she was under age five. The perpetrator was a woman, the foreign house help/nanny!
After reading her painful letter and realising that she is now a grown woman with problems that can be attributed to the abuse of trust, I wrote in telling the victim in my fiery letter to read a book called “Living with what is” written by a famous but controversial psychiatrist. At one point he suggests that victim and perpetrator should try and resolve the past and move on. I can see the logic in this piece of advice and actually saw it happening in a documentary on the same theme but a different, even more harrowing case study of sexual abuse/pedophilia.I also suggested in my letter that the perpetrator should be reported to the police and the investigation continue in her country.I think it would provide closure more than anything!

Another letter I wrote to this agony column was about the key to happiness. In my letter I cheated a little bit but did not fake anything. I just quoted a wonderful answer from Yahoo answers about this ever popular subject: HAPPINESS,  but attributed the quote by giving the link. The person giving the answer talked about an easy kind of happiness with not many highs and lows….14510_670406776334950_818997137_n I ADDED this common but true comment. THAT HAPPINESS IS GAZING AT THE SUNSET nearly 8 years after a cancer diagnosis!
My friend the agony uncle chose to illustrate my letter with the pic of a beautiful sunset! Not the sunset shown here. This is actually Unawatuna after the sun sets. See previous post for my trip there!


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