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I STILL have a hand written note deep in a drawer written by Thanasis, age 6. It says: “Constantina I love you.” I kept it as a memento!

I have kept it as a sad, or rather bitter sweet souvenir  of a romantic love disappointment.Mine as well as his. It tugs at my heart strings even now!  It is a short, fiery declaration of love by the cutest 6 year old you have ever seen. I guess you can call this note the childhood  equivalent of a letter by a love sick teenager.And the outcome a romantic love disappointment!

As you may know, my name is Ersie and not Constantina.. The recipient was, in fact, my daughter Constantina. Which for me means double the romantic anguish!  Like the gorgeous, button-nosed Thanassis, she was also age 6 at the time! Now she is sweet 16, going on 17 . She was nearly  a millennium  baby by the way – she was born in 1999.

Thanassis was Constantina’s crush at that tender –  and perhaps fickle age. She had met this cutie in kindergarten and they were an item in no time. When it was time to go to elementary school, fate separated them. They were placed in different forms.

Constantina, being as loved up as Thanassis was,  was disappointed with this random separation. She immediately  went round to the headmaster’s office  and asked to change form because she wanted to be with Thanassis. She was honest about it.The headmaster looked perverse and frustrated and weirdly angry. His reaction was an emphatic NO. A lot of children are fixated with old buddies and want to go to the same form at that educational stage/milestone.Which would explain the head’s impatience!

BEING A MUM AND AN EMPATH, I  WAS FURIOUS with the headmaster and thought of a way to beat him!

The next morning I instructed Constantina to go to Thanassis’ classroom and sit next to him. I also gave her my mobile phoNe and told her to phone me if they roughed her up . I intended to remove her from school and picket the Ministry.


It was just as well. She continued the romance by bombarding Thanassis with phone calls to the annoyance of his jealous mother. (Let’s call her Nicoletta. to protect identities). His house was near ours so I took her there to play when his mother agreed. After two weeks, something in the air changed. When Thanassi phoned, Constantina refused to come to the phone. We didn’t know what to tell him. How to break it to him gently, I mean. Her feelings had completely and irrevocably changed! He soon got the hint and stopped calling!

After a few months Constantina confided in me: ‘ He loves Aphrodite, now!”


CONSTANTINA 75939a8e86baad8077339522a5b3e13e

She looked relieved!


As a parent I now know that my children are entitled to their joys and also their sorrows, not forgetting any  (very real) romantic love DISAPPOINTMENT.!

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