A Soliloquy? A monologue on stage to you! Gotta be interesting to capture the attention of the audience. I generally  like Shakespearean ones . To be or not to be…. (alone) That is the question!


Existential talk, for sure. Hamlet and the play was a Loner’s Hamlet. You need pacts and alliances to survive and thrive! Hamlet was isolated, unfortunately, hence his predicament!

Not just the Bard but other greats poets,  novelists and sages,too,   have discussed the human condition and some of its aspects. such as time spent in solitude . Many of them have mentioned the   benefits of alone time  and sung the praises of solitude for health and character building…In fact,  I am sure it was Einstein who said:

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth,

but delicious in the years of maturity.”

General Charles de Gaulle seemed  to agree with Einstein when he said: “In the tumult of men and events, solitude was my temptation; now it is my friend. What other satisfaction can be sought once you have confronted History?”

We all know what they both mean. As you get older you tend to behave like an old soul and relish your own company more! More so if you had brushes with history, I suppose!

As you know, this blog has the name Week of the Loner. I take being a Loner very seriously and even have a pinboard  on Pinterest called Loner and another pin board titled Week of the Loner Pisces. You can see them if you input my name Ersie Courea on Pinterest.  Three people can pin on the week of the loner board: a cyberspace buddy from India and an American lady called Barbara. If you google week of the loner Pisces images you get a plethora of images I have collected over time.

Pinterest is a site that helps me learn things and store info. It’s a corner of cyberspace favoured by women apparently! I also tend to read articles about being an introvert on interesting blogs such as Lonerwolf and the Quiet revolution.They have a presence on all the social media to popularise their ideas!

March 9

50% of the population are introverts apparently! This fact alone I suppose makes it OK TO BE AN INTROVERT!


I love solitude so much that I visited an island called Tilos near Rhodes, Greece last summer. I was with my husband Nicholas.It is completely unspoiled and  a haven of love, peace and tranquility. Solitude there and everywhere else simply rocks!



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