a Sucker for Astrology

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I read (present tense to you) on an astrology web site that week of the loner people Pisces 3-10 March are the sweetest inhabitants of the zodiac circle.Or globe if you are three dimensional..Am I a sucker for this kind of astral tidbits? Moon ash spews: You bet. Common sense surrendered……left at moon beam heavenly harakiri gates. Next to the flat glass slippers of one’s lonerwolf alpha ballerina self. Sweet natured?

Except when we are not. Special? That , too and not just that. Week of the Loner individuals find creative me time in between living la vida lonesome to be (also) genius with the defining THE word
in front of it but in what you may ask. Actually, I have just typed the word geniuses of the zodiac cycle and the auto correct threw out a red line under it.

Enough self-adulation. The rare word Genius is better left to its singular isolation

Myself? A humble exception that proves the rule, I just observe and admire genius.

The rest of the time I inhabit as my birth right an astral week crowded with controversial geniuses which I am sure is accidental. In my case the obvious talent I have located in me is a tendency to effortlessly alienate people with my intense- did I mean intensive? quarrelsome aloofness. And it’s not just aloofness or destiny that cause this. March the ninth is a bit different from 3,4,5,6,7,8, and 10 of the month, The lucky nine in numerology is governed by Mars, hence expect strife.

I will give you a quick list of assorted people born in the Week of the Loner who were brilliant. geniuses, controversial, pain in the neck, better off alone or all of the above. Michaelangelo, yes THAT Michaelangelo, Mondrian, Elisabeth Barrett Browning, Bobby Fisher, Gabriel Marques Garcia, Dimitris Horn, the best Greek actor of his generation, Andre Courege, Amerigo Vespucci, pimp and accidental spotter of America, Henry the Navigator, first man in space Yuri Gagarin, the British hero Ranulph Fiennes, the greatest living explorer and last (but at least only on the astral periphery) 10th March native Osama, not (Obama) Bin Laden. (brilliant but alas a murderous terrorist, defined as targeting civilians for media impact).
To find out your week if you are not a Loner like me go to a site called The secret language of birthdays com and read all about yourself. Then input your loved ones’ birthdays and yours to hear the verdict on your relationships!

Mavericks by David Nickolson
In “Apple press”
Week of the Loner explained
Can a metaphor ever fail?

Perhaps your spellcheck was looking for the Latin plural ‘genii’. Some people think this is more correct but various Oxford dictionaries, the Economist Style Guide and me all think that ‘geniuses’ is better.

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